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baby massage

Tinies Baby Massage

Tinies Baby Massage is a weekly class for mums and babies to enjoy gentle, soothing massage and soft stretch yoga in a friendly, non-judgmental and relaxed environment. 

Massage is a lovely bonding experience that can help build confidence in handling your baby and recognising their needs. Studies have shown that baby massage can:

  • Aid sleep

  • Relax and calm baby

  • Relieve constipation, wind and colic

  • Improve sensory awareness

  • Stimulate brain development

Tinies is a class for postnatal mums and their baby only and is suitable from around 4 weeks up to 4/5 months. If your baby is older than 5 months, take a look at our                          class.


Tinies is a safe space where you are welcome to share your worries, laugh, cry, gain peer support from other mums in the group and enjoy the all important drink and biscuit! Each class is 1 hour 15 mins and every week you can expect:

  • Full body baby massage and yoga routines

  • Calming and soothing techniques

  • Gentle postnatal stretching and movement

  • Information about baby developmental milestones

  • Social baby time

  • Relaxation 

Where? Onward Community Centre, Greenbank or Just Imagine, Crownhill

When? 11.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays during term time

How much? £40 for a 6 week term

Book your space below or get in touch for more information.

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